Belt Size

Our belts are measured from the leather fold to the middle hole

To determine your size, we have two methods

1. Estimate

Apply the +2 rule for adult belts. For example, if you wear 32 size pants, you could purchase a 34'' belt. For kids belt, order same belt size as pants size.

2.Measure-most accurate

If you want the best result, please grab a tape measure, and measure from the belt fold to the hole you usually use. This measurement tells you the belt size and your waist. After measuring, if the measurement is 32'', it means your waist and belt size is 32''. And if you buy a belt M-32'' you will be using the middle hole. If the measurement is 36'', you will use the middle hole of L-36''. However, if your measurement is 38'', you may use the first few holes of XL-40'' or the last few holes of L-36''. If you message us telling us the measurement is 38'', we can trim 2'' from the belt XL-40'' to make it XL-38'' so you will be using the middle hole of the XL-38'' and it will fit you perfectly.


 For most of our belts, if the belt is a little bit too long, you can unscrew the buckle and cut it shorter. Punch a hole and put the belt back.



 Out belts come with a hole punch. So if your belt is a little bit too long, you can unscrew the buckle, cut length as needed.